Jazz from Delaware River

by Intuitive Music Orchestra

Released 2017
Ian Bederman Project
Released 2017
Ian Bederman Project
Live concert Intuitive Music Orchestra in Dacha na Pokrovke Clab 19.07.2017
Intuitive music orchestra - is unique creative being wich its creators do not intend to define making links with something that is already known or comparing it with something that already exists.
Participants of IMO explore a miraculous power of sound with enthusiasm for 12 years already.
"Intuitive music orchestra" is a natural environment where a man is free from any kind of limits, conditions, evaluations.
This is a unique model of people's coexistence and cooperation. IMO is an optimal life strategy that lets musicians understand and open fully their creative potential. That music is above national and non conditional.
All that musicians perform is never rehearsed or repeated - Sun shines with no rehearsals. There's just a great low of Harmony and all happens according to it. Audience becomes a participant of creative process during performances very often.

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